about Vailá
Vailá is your best guide for the Douro Verde region.

This region, on both sides of the river Douro, is bordered by the River Paiva, the River Tamêga and the main roads N2 and N101.

From Porto, it takes about 90 minutes by car or train, to the Douro Verde region.

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How to find the nicest things and places of the Douro Verde?

Vailá shows you all upcoming public events on the main page.
There are so many fabulous cultural, religious, sports, art, and culinary events in the region. You will enjoy it!

On the other pages you can also find:

  • markets like market halls, street markets, farmers markets, and flea markets.
  • sights to see with the best museums, viewpoints, and monuments of the region.
  • leisure spots with the most beautiful swimming and picnic spots and all hiking and BTT routes of the Douro Verde.

All hand-picked by our team, providing all the detailed information you'll need to have a great experience. .


Award and credits

In July 2020 Vailá was awarded 3rd place in the category 'Ideas with a Future' of the Douro Verde Invest Competition.

This competition was promoted by Dolmen, Local and Regional Development CRL, in the context of the Project Active Economy in Douro Verde and is co-financed by Norte 2020.

Vailá is very grateful to Dolmen and Norte 2020 for this encouragement.


The Vailá team

Vailá is created by and , a Dutch couple who live in Cinfães since 2017.

They started Vailá to enable you to enjoy your stay in the Douro Verde region even more.

With the help of many people from the region, they are gathering information about the most joyful and tasteful events and places.